Understanding the broad effects of product counterfeiting and its mitigation by implementing the best practices and strategies for protecting your brand from infringers


Counterfeiting is a global problem and is growing at an alarming rate. The booming e-commerce environment has added further complexities. Counterfeiting not only affects the sales and revenue of the industry but also dents the reputation of brands and results in heavy revenue losses due to unaccounted sales and a huge challenge.

Ths per the Global Brand Counterfeiting Report 2018, the amount of total counterfeiting globally has reached to 1.2 Trillion USD in 2017 and is bound to reach 1.82 Trillion USD by the year 2020 which includes counterfeiting of all equipment/products from defence equipment's to counterfeiting of watches

Counterfeit and pirated products continue to follow complex trading routes, misusing certain intermediary transit points (many of these transit economies host large free trade zones that are important hubs of international trade).The share of small shipments in total volume of counterfeit trade appears to increase. Counterfeiting is rife in Asia and no longer affects just high-end brands, but now extends to any product with a logo, a leading representative from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has warned.

The "4th Annual Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Asia Summit 2021" will bring stalwarts from across industries under one roof to discuss the latest counterfeiting issues and best practices for brand protection. The summit will focus on discussing latest trends in anti- counterfeiting, challenges and issues faced by organisations to fight counterfeiting in Asia. There will be discussions on the recent legal developments, understanding how to carry out risk profiling, role of effective packaging, supply chain authentication and latest technologies and solutions. The summit will also discuss the Online business models used for the infringement of IP rights, investigative techniques and intelligence gathering, as well as measures to combat infringement in the online environment.

The summit will offer excellent opportunity to discuss, share experiences, case studies, network with industry leaders and learn about the current and innovative practices in the industry to curb counterfeiting and protect your brand.



  • Ways to craft the right brand protection strategy across key markets while combatting counterfeits
  • Learn about the new ways of counterfeiting which have evolved in the current scenario and effective ways to combat them
  • Protect your products from online counterfeiting with the right strategy and enforcement in different regions
  • How customs and border protection operates and how do you collaborate with them to save your goods
  • Protect your consumer from spurious goods which eventually damage your brand
  • Manage your supply chain strategy to make sure spurious goods don't enter and the channels you sell to are legitimate
  • Adopting the right tools and technology to protect your goods


  • A look into the dramatically changing landscape of global anti-counterfeiting in the post COVID Era
  • Customs and border protection: Combating cross border trade in counterfeit goods
  • Fight counterfeiting and protecting your brand with the help of advanced technologies
  • Supply chain authentication, problems faced because of illegal imports and conducting effective raids
  • E-commerce platforms and Anticounterfeiting- Addressing the menace effectively
  • Trademark strategy & management to leverage the IP and enable brand protection


  • Functional Heads of:
    • Anti-Counterfeiting
    • Brand Protection
    • Copyrights & Trademark
    • Corporate Security & Loss Prevention
    • Anti - Fraud
    • Legal & Litigation
    • Investigation & Vigilance
    • Packaging
    • Supply Chain
    • Compliance and Enforcement
  • From which industries?
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • FMCG
    • Automobiles & auto components
    • Electronics & electronic components
    • Telecom & ISP product manufacturers
    • Medical Devices
    • Healthcare
    • Any other product manufacturing vertical prone to counterfeiting

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